What Fabrics Are Right For Dry Cleaning?

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What Fabrics Are Right For Dry Cleaning?

How do you know if that item of clothing would be served with the dry cleaning process?

Some fabrics can be washed at home with no problem, but others don’t do so well in a regular washing machine or dryer. These fabrics need special attention in order to maintain their softness, color, or structure. If you wash them at home, it’s possible they won’t survive. Here are some materials that may have you searching for “dry cleaners near me” so you can be sure that your new outfit will stay beautiful.


Silk is a gorgeous material that requires dry cleaning in all circumstances. It’s lightweight and it feels amazing against the skin. However, it’s also a natural fabric that can be damaged by machine washing it. At the very least, the color will bleed out of it so It’s best to have silk clothing, sheets, and other items dry-cleaned to protect the material’s natural fibers.

Embroidered, Sequined, and Similarly Decorated Clothing

Clothing that is embroidered has sequins sewn on it, or has other decorative items on it may not make it through the washing machine or your dryer. That’s because clothing gets tossed around during its time in both machines. This can cause the sequins, beads, and other items to come loose. Embroidered clothing can also get damaged.


Unlike silk, wool is a very durable material. It can survive the tumbling and tossing about that comes with machine washing and drying. However, wool is very likely to shrink when washed in warm water or dried in a dryer. Because of this, if you want your wool sweaters, cardigans, jackets, and other items to continue to fit well, have them dry-cleaned. If you do, the clothing will last you for years.


Another lovely fabric that is on the delicate side is cashmere. It’s very soft, but it’s simply not as durable as some materials out there. Putting it through the washer can easily damage it. Send your cashmere jackets and other clothing to a dry cleaner near you to keep them in good condition.


Rayon is partially synthetic, but that doesn’t mean it can be tossed into the washer. It’s another soft fabric, and it’s often used in clothing. However, warm water can easily cause it to shrink. The agitation in the washing machine may also damage it. Again, it’s best to send rayon items to the dry cleaners just to make certain they remain in good condition.

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