Wet Cleaning from a Dry Cleaner? You Bet.

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Wet Cleaning from a Dry Cleaner? You Bet.

wet cleaningMost people have heard of dry cleaning, which is cleaning garments using a liquid solvent instead of water. Dry cleaning is typically used for garments that can’t be washed with water because it will damage them.

Wet cleaning from a dry cleaner doesn’t use chemical solvents, but instead uses a water-based alternative and specialized equipment to avoid fading and shrinking.

Today, McMahan Cleaners in Denver gives you the full rundown on everything you need to know about wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning History

Germany first developed wet cleaning technology in the early 1990s, and it was soon brought to the United States.

McMahan Cleaners now offers this service at three convenient locations across Denver to better serve your garment cleaning and laundry service needs. Our goals are to provide you with old-school knowledge and modern cleaning technology, including non-toxic cleaning agents for both dry cleaning and wet cleaning

This method is a safe and environmentally friendly way to clean clothes using specialized equipment.

The Washing Process

The professional wet cleaning machines have various options and functions that set the cleaning process, like the amount of water, the solvents, the detergents, and the temperature. Biodegradable soaps and conditioners are used instead of harsh chemicals.

The equipment can be set for many different fabric and fiber types. Depending on the number and type of items, our computerized washing machines control the agitation each load receives as well.

The washing machine uses water but it can be set to have more delicate spin cycles reducing forceful mechanical movement of the garments allowing them to wash very delicate things.

To prevent shrinkage of the garments, it uses low temperatures and less mechanical movements.

Detergents and spot removers for wet cleaning are made of ingredients that are safer for workers and the environment, yet are as effective at removing soils, stains, and odors as dry cleaning solvents.

Drying, Pressing and Reshaping

In wet cleaning, garments are transferred to high-tech dryers that can sense humidity and dry garments quickly under pressure at high temperatures.

The dryer stops once the prescribed levels of moisture is reached. The dryers monitor the humidity level of the drying process and gently tumble dry garments at specific temperatures for set periods of time.

Equipment then presses and reshapes the clothing, so items keep their form and don’t shrink.

Garments Needing Wet Cleaning

This water-based, non-toxic, energy-efficient technology is becoming very popular. Our customers are sometimes surprised when we tell them you can use wet cleaning on most garments labeled dry clean only.

Items that can be wet-cleaned include garments made from cotton, wool, silk, suede and even leather.

Wet cleaning is great for delicate clothing items like beaded or sequins garments, prom or wedding dresses, and fine suits.

Advantages & Benefits

In addition to being good for the environment and producing no odors, wet cleaning also makes your white garments whiter and is good at removing water-based stains. Clothes that have been wet cleaned have a softer look and feel.

Come to any McMahan Cleaners location in Denver and we can provide expert wet cleaning, as well as answer your questions. We operate our own dry cleaning and laundry facility instead of outsourcing to wholesalers.

By keeping everything under one roof, we can offer you same-day services and superior quality control, including the use of premium, non-toxic cleaning agents. That means you’ll benefit from decades of experience, as well as the latest dry and wet cleaning machines and methods.

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