Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes

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Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes

Tips for Storing Your Winter ClothesAt McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we want your clothes to last as long as they make you happy, so here are some tips for storing your winter clothes away for the season. Yes, now that we are finally headed into summer, it might be tempting to simply ball up your winter clothes at the back of your closet and forget about them. That temptation can lead to unintentional damage.

So, here are our tips for storing your winter clothes:

Clean Everything

The best thing that you can do for your clothes is to be sure that everything has been laundered or dry cleaned before you pack it away. Scents, like perfume, cologne, deodorant, and soap, attract moths and insects that can do irreparable damage to your clothes.

Remove the Plastic

Never store anything in the dry cleaning plastic. This plastic can trap moisture which can contribute to the yellowing and aging of your fabric. Avoid using vacuumed storage bags as well because many professionals feel this airless environment contributes to the aging of fabric.

Proper Storage

For most fabrics, a plastic bin provides adequate ventilation (yes, clothes need to breathe) and yet, will protect your clothes appropriately. Pack these items loosely to further airflow.

For delicates, such as silk, cashmere, organza, or clothing that is particularly special, you should consider investing in 100% canvas storage bags. Wrap your delicate items in acid-free paper to further protect them from damage (other fabrics do not require this).

Sweaters should also be stored in bins as long as the fabric is not delicate. Storing sweaters on hangers can permanently stretch them. Also, it is important to place your heaviest sweaters at the bottom of the container and avoid over-packing, keeping airflow in mind.

Coats should also be folded and stored along with sweaters and other clothes unless they are fur. Consider having any fur professionally stored for best results. Fur requires specific humidity and a controlled, cool temperature to maintain its good condition.

If you are concerned about pests feasting on your apparel, insert cedar panels in the bins to deter them.

Think CCDD

For best results for most clothing, think CCDD: clean, cool, dry, and dark. Clothing stored in hot, damp, sunny, and/or dusty conditions will likely become damaged, especially in extreme conditions.

Store Boots & Shoes

Storing your winter boots and shoes is just as important as your clothing. Improperly stored boots can end up misshapen and creased. Wipe down all your boots and shoes. Boot trees will help a boot maintain its shape. While storing them upright is preferred, storing them on their sides will still keep them well maintained. Wrap your boots in old t-shirts, pillowcases, or a shoe bags. Then, wrap your shoes loosely in tissue paper and also put them away in plastic bins. This will keep them scuff-free and help them maintain their shape.

Following these tips for storing your winter clothes will help keep your clothes and shoes in great shape so that they’re ready to wear when the cold weather returns to Denver. Need some of your winter items cleaned? Bring your winter items to any McMahan Cleaners location, and we can help you get your storage project started right with professional services from our laundry and dry cleaning experts.

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