Tips for Cost-Effective Clothing Alterations

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Tips for Cost-Effective Clothing Alterations

Here at McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we want you to be happy with your wardrobe, so here are some tips for cost-effective clothing alterations. Needing this service is much more common than people think and getting them done can often make you much happier with the way your clothes fit and feel. Having a hemline adjusted, getting your suit jacket properly fitted, or getting your gown to look just right are all ways to improve your wardrobe.

A custom-fit is a great way to make your clothes stand out. Using these tips for cost-effective clothing alterations will make you even more pleased with the outcome.

Start with the Fit

When buying items be sure to get them as close to your size as possible. While sizing an item up or down a size if often completely reasonable, altering your clothes two to three or more size up or down, is not as feasible. Some items don’t have allowances to let the fabric out that much and sometimes adjusting so many sizes changes the overall fit of a garment too dramatically.

In some cases, if the item is so large, it will need to be taken apart entirely and re-cut to make the item fit properly. This is both time-consuming and costly. The closer to your existing size, the more pleased you will be with the outcome and the less costly the overall alteration will be.

Easier In Than Out

Here’s the most important of our tips for cost-effective clothing alterations. It is easier to take a garment in than let it out. If one part of your body is a size larger or smaller, buy the size that fits the largest part of your body. It will be much simpler and cheaper to have the other areas taken in to fit correctly.

Research Measurements

When you make a purchase online, be sure to research the actual measurements. This will help you make the best determination about how an item will fit. This means you will need to have corresponding measurements of your own body to compare the two.

You Get What You Pay for

While it may be tempting to hire the cheapest available option for your alterations, cheaper doesn’t mean better. Getting clothes altered by the lowest bidder may end up cost you more than choosing to pay a bit more up front. You should be sure your alterations are being handled by an experienced professional.

No Over the Phone Estimates

While it may seem convenient, many places will not provide over the phone estimates on alterations, particularly for formal gowns. To provide an accurate estimate, a visual inspection and fit examination is necessary. Over the phone, you may feel the urge to downplay of what is really needed. An accurate assessment is fair and better for everyone.

Call for Fittings

Since a fitting assessment is often needed for the alteration of garments, contact the shop to see if an appointment is required. Fittings take time and many professionals prefer to schedule fittings to give you proper attention. Scheduling the fitting assessment assures that you will have focused attention on what is needed for your alteration and the assessment will not be too rushed.

Upcoming Changes

If you know your body is about to undergo changes, be sure to warn the professional who is about to perform your alteration. If it is a new change, such as a pregnancy, call right away. Some changes to your garment cannot simply be undone.

Bring Additional Necessities

Are you planning to wear specific undergarments, special shoes, or anything else that will change your fitting? These items can have a huge impact on how things fit, particularly with formal wear. Foundation garments add layers while shifting how your weight is carried. The height of your shoes can dramatically shift your hem length. If you don’t yet have the shoes, bring some that are comparable or inquire about marking the hem at a later fitting.

Take the Professional Advice Given

If your alteration professional recommends against an alteration you are requesting, you are probably better off following their advice. Feel free to ask for an explanation or further information. Ultimately, these professionals know a great deal about how garments are constructed and how specific changes will work. Following their advice is a great idea. Ignoring good advice is a good way to be unhappy with the final fit of your garment.

Don’t Move

While you are getting your garment fitted, remain still. Moving while your fitting is taking place is a good way to end up with uneven hems and odd sleeves. The stiller you are, the better the end result of your alteration will be. If you really need to move, just ask. If your alteration professional is prepared for you to move, then your garment should be unaffected.

Test Drive

Once your garment has been pinned and you have the all-clear to move. Test out the fit. Can you dance, bend, walk, sit, etc? Now is the time to figure out if the garment’s fit will restrict movement or be uncomfortable. Be honest with yourself as well. If it is not comfortable now, it will not be comfortable later. The person doing your alterations wants you to be happy with the outcome. Speak up now so they can fix it for you. They will be happy and you will be happy in the end if you address any issues with the fit before it is sewn.

Ask Their Opinion

Ask the person who is altering your clothing for their recommendations. Recognizing that they are experts can go a long way toward getting the look you want. They will know if what you’re asking for is really the best way to get the result you want.

Follow these tips for cost-effective clothing alterations, and you should end up with the results you want without breaking the bank. Call us or visit us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver and we will help you get the alterations you need to help you be happier with your clothes.

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