What to Do Before Taking Clothes to a Dry Cleaner

What to Do Before Taking Clothes to a Dry Cleaner

Before Taking Clothes to a Dry Cleaner McMahan Cleaners DenverEver wonder what to do before taking clothes to a dry cleaner? Today, McMahan Cleaners in Denver is here to help. For certain clothes, professional dry cleaning is really the best way to ensure your items are well cared for and cleaned properly, and nearly all types of clothing can benefit from being dry cleaned. It can even help extend the life of your clothes, as well as household items such as linens and rugs.

Following a few tips before a trip to a dry cleaner near you can help ensure that you get the best possible results. If you ever have doubts about dry cleaning care or preliminary steps, you can check with your dry cleaning service, such as McMahan Cleaners in Denver.

Review the Label

Before washing new garments, reading the label can save you from shrinking that great sweater you got for Christmas or that suit you purchased for your new job. So many clothes accidentally land in a regular washing machine due to overlooking the label. If you are not sure because the label is missing or faded, you could consult with a dry cleaner.

Check for Stains

Before taking clothes to a dry cleaner, always check for stains and alert your dry cleaner. This is particularly important because many stains require specialized treatment. It is even more helpful if you can tell your dry cleaning professional the source of the stain so that they can determine the best treatment for removal.

If you want to make sure that your stained items get the best treatment, come see us here at McMahan Cleaners. We have three convenient Denver locations to serve you.

Empty All the Pockets

Double-check the pockets of all your items. This will save your dry cleaning professional from needing to do it for you. Also, there is no chance that the pen you placed in your pants pocket will get missed and end up ruining your clothes. Generally, your dry cleaner will check but you checking the pockets first eliminates any potential problems.

Double Check for Damage

While you empty pockets, also check your clothes over for damage or potential issues. You are checking for loose buttons, unraveling seams, holes and more. These are the kinds of things that can be addressed by a dry cleaner offering alterations and repairs. Additionally, if it is not something that can be corrected, your dry cleaning professional can make sure that the item is handled in such a way that the problem doesn’t get any worse.

Take Your Clothes in Promptly

If you get your clothes cleaned soon after wearing, you will be much more satisfied with the result. Time allows stains to set and smells to linger. The sooner you get clothes cleaned, the better the chance that stains will be removed. 

Now that you know what to do before taking clothes to a dry cleaner, bring the items that you need professionally cleaned to us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver. We look forward to ensuring that your clothes look their best so you can feel your best!

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