How to Take Proper Care of Your Wedding Gown

How to Take Proper Care of Your Wedding Gown

How to Take Proper Care of Your Wedding GownNow that peak wedding season has arrived, we at McMahan Cleaners in Denver want you to know how to take proper care of your wedding gown. Often the gown from your special day has meaning that you treasure, so you may want to preserve it for the future or keep it maintained as an heirloom.

Before Your Special Day

If you are wearing a wedding dress that is an heirloom already or if you have chosen a second-hand gown, you may need to have your dress dry cleaned in advance of your special day. When bringing your dress to be cleaned look for a place that offers wedding dress cleaning, such as McMahan Cleaners in Denver. You will want to choose a place that has experience with cleaning such gowns. Check your dress with your cleaner for any areas that need special attention. Look for yellowing or discoloration, needed alterations, or special trim pieces that may not withstand the cleaning process. Wet cleaning may be the best option for some of these items.

After Your Wedding

We recommend having your gown cleaned again as quickly as possible after your wedding, particularly if you plan to preserve it. Your gown may have both visible and invisible stains from body oils, beverages, and food. Try to spot as many of these stains as possible prior to cleaning. This will help you achieve the best possible result. Some of your decorative trim may need to be removed, then reattached, to help keep it in pristine condition. It is best to follow your cleaner’s recommendations.

Storing Your Dress

Unfortunately, there is not yet any process that will completely guarantee against yellowing or fabric deterioration. As cleaners, we try our best to avoid it, but with some dresses, it may be inevitable. There are additional steps that can be taken to do the best job possible in protecting your gown.

Special Boxing

If your dress is packed in a special storage box, it will be protected against contamination. Storing your gown in your closet or even in a regular box allows for air, dust, and other possible contaminants to potentially cause long term age and potential ruin. Having it stored in a box designed for this type of storage will help protect it. Additionally, the bodice should be stuffed with white tissue paper to prevent wrinkles. Colored tissue paper, of any kind, can transfer to the dress and cause permanent discoloration.

Additional Tips

If you choose to store your dress on a hanger, our alterations experts can sew straps in at the waist to help distribute the pressure from your gown’s shoulders. Also, wrap the dress in a white sheet or muslin to provide a protective layer. Do not store your dress with any accessories: veils, shoes, headpieces, etc. All pieces should be stored separately to allow each piece to continue to look its best.

If you want to know how to take proper care of your wedding gown, come see us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver and we will get your dress prepared to fabulous for years to come.

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