Proper cleaning of your knits

Sweater care

The air is getting colder, and that means sweater weather! Here are a few tips for keeping your sweaters looking great and making them last!

  • Store sweaters folded. Don’t hang them or shove them in a drawer.
  • Use a lint brush to remove lint, hair, and excess fuzz.
  • Follow the care instructions on the tag. Bring any dry clean only items to McMahan Cleaners!
  • If you have a sweater that lost its shape because it wasn’t appropriately laundered or not taken to the dry cleaners, proper dry cleaning can restore its form.
  • Always wash or dry clean sweaters before storing them.

It is possible to hand wash sweaters, however drying them is a long process that includes laying them out, blocking and turning them over. Let McMahan Cleaners in Denver do all the hard work for you and bring us your sweaters for dry cleaning!

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