Why Should You Send Clothes to a Dry Cleaner?

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Why Should You Send Clothes to a Dry Cleaner?

why should you send clothes to a dry cleanerAt McMahan Cleaners, we know that it’s tempting to skip dry cleaning. So, why should you send clothes to a dry cleaner? There are a number of things that you might overlook when you are tempted to skip or avoid using dry cleaning. At McMahan, we want you to know why dry cleaning can be especially important for you and your clothes.

Proper Care and Extending the Life of Your Clothes

Some fabrics, such as wool and silk, will shrink and distort in water. Dry cleaning helps fabric keep its shape and its condition. Dry cleaning also removes oil and stains that regular washing cannot, particularly from fabrics that are prone to retaining a stain, such as synthetic fabrics. While washing will often fade clothes and alter the texture, dry cleaning can help maintain or return an item’s “like-new” condition.

Stain and Odor Removal

Stains can be caused by a number of different substances and knowing the best stain removal method for the fabric involved is a dry-cleaner’s specialty. Dry cleaners can also use special processes to remove odors. A dry cleaner has expertise on how to treat your clothes “just right” so that they come home in excellent condition.

Alterations and Finishing

Dry cleaners like McMahan offer alteration services which can save you time and money. It is so convenient. Missing or loose buttons? Your dry cleaner may also voluntarily check your buttons and repair ones that are loose or replace the missing ones, if possible. The best part of dry cleaning is the finishing. They have special pressing equipment that gives garments the wrinkle-free, crisp appearance that can’t be beaten. This saves you from spending your time on ironing and pressing.


If you hate washing and drying your laundry or even if you are just short on time, your dry cleaner is a great place to save you the time and trouble. Your laundry will be clean and wrinkle-free and your time can be used on other “pressing” matters.

Specialized Items

Many dry cleaners offer cleaning services for many fabric items beyond clothing. Need your duvet cover or decorative pillows cleaned? The dry cleaner can give these items the special attention they often need. Services also often include rugs, blankets, comforters, drapes, and more.

Preservation and Restoration

Heirlooms and special occasion attire, such as wedding dresses and christening gowns, often need delicate, specialized care and attention. Dry cleaners frequently can clean and preserve these items for future use. They can also provide restoration treatments for older heirlooms, returning them to a condition so that they can be used by this generation and preserved for the next.

So, why should you send clothes to a dry cleaner? They can be so much more than your clothing’s best friend. Extend the life of your wardrobe, household textiles, and heirlooms while saving yourself the time, money, and hassle by using a dry cleaning professional. If you have some items that need a professional touch or just need some clothes cleaned, come see us at any of our three, convenient McMahan Cleaners locations.

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