Get that professional look with a well pressed shirt

Why it makes sense to dry clean

There is a range of key benefits gained by choosing to dry clean your clothes. Key amongst these are…

  1. Colors don’t run because no water is used
  2. Clothes last longer as dry cleaning is gentler than a washer
  3. Delicate fabrics can be better protected from damage
  4. Dry cleaning stops fabric from shrinking
  5. Removes those hard to get rid of odors

So, if you have invested in expensive and stylish garments you want to wear over a long period of time, it makes good sense to have them carefully dry cleaned. Otherwise, they’ll just have to take their chances in the wash!

McMahan Dry Cleaners also service bedding and household linens in the same careful, professional way. Contact us today to find out more about our dry cleaning services.

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