Increase Your Clothing’s Life with Dry Cleaning

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Increase Your Clothing’s Life with Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning can do more than just get spots and stains off your clothing. It can actually make that clothing last longer. If you have a favorite shirt or pair of pants, taking them to the dry cleaners is a great way of ensuring they remain looking great for years. Here are a few of the ways dry cleaning increases the lifespan of your clothing.

They Keep Delicate Fabrics Safe

When you through delicate fabrics into your washing machine, they can take a beating. The spin cycle is not very gentle, and it can eventually cause rips and tears to appear in your clothing. The chemicals in soaps, even the gentlest options, can also have an impact on your clothing. Items that need to keep their shape will also be greatly affected by the spin cycle. It’s much better to have these items dry cleaned.

You Can Dry Clean Anything

In fact, you can have any items you want dry cleaned if you’re concerned about keeping them in great shape. Even fabrics like cotton can become damaged if they’re put through the spin cycle enough times. Add to that the basic wear and tear that comes with actually wearing the item, and it’s no wonder that some items start to show their age quickly.

Don’t Toss Clothing Due to Stains

Have a horrible stain on something? Even if it’s a piece of clothing you don’t typically have to have dry cleaned, it may be time to send it to the professionals. Dry cleaners can work out some of the toughest stains. Sauce, chocolate, and red wine can be incredibly hard to get out of clothing using basic, at-home methods. Dry cleaners have the tools needed to get these stains out. If you can visit the dry cleaner before the stain has a chance to set, it’s even more likely it will come out.

Dry Cleaners Can Also Repair Clothing

If you do have clothing that has been damaged, your local dry cleaner can help. In addition to removing stains, they are also experienced with repairing clothing. They can replace zippers, sew on new buttons, repair tears and seams, and even patch holes. They may even be able to fix fairly large holes or seams that have fully blown out.

You never know until you bring your clothing in for inspection! The team here at McMahan Cleaners is ready to help keep your favorite clothing looking great for years. Don’t toss it—we can help.

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