Forget goal pants – get alterations!

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Get a custom fit by making clothing alterations

Forget goal pants – get alterations!

When dieting, the phrases goal pants and goal dress get thrown around a lot. Often, however, this isn’t a good way to visualize your weight loss goal since you may feel discouraged if it takes longer than you thought to fit into them, or find that it’s simply impossible to get them to fit adequately even when you have managed to lose the required amount.

Dry cleaners can do more than just your laundry, we’ll alter your favorite clothes so that they fit perfectly and make achieving your goal – or getting as close to it as is healthy for you – all the sweeter. So there’s no need to keep that old outfit in the back of your closet. You can have your current clothes altered as your size changes.

Alterations are a great way to keep your wardrobe and your sense of style at any size. We will fit the clothes to you, meaning you’ll always feel your best self.

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