How to Find the Perfect Winter Jacket

How to Find the Perfect Winter Jacket

How to Find the Perfect Winter JacketToday, McMahan Cleaners in Denver shares how to find the perfect winter jacket. We know a lot about the many different ways to bundle up for winter, so now that fall is here and you’re on the hunt for new winter coats, these pointers should help you find the right fit and right amount of warmth.

Quality is Key

When it comes to how to find the perfect winter jacket, you really want one that will handle whatever weather winter brings your way. Generally, you may want to think of a good winter jacket as an investment. If you buy a higher quality jacket, you will have one that can keep you warm for years.

It is worth the extra money to buy a higher quality jacket and properly maintain it by bringing your jacket and other winter gear to one of our dry cleaning locations. Remember, having a collection of cheaper winter coats is useless if none of them do a good job of keeping you warm.

Choosing the Right Style

There are a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to a winter jacket or coat. Are you looking for something casual to wear when you walk the dog or run out for groceries? Or do you need something that will work well for going to the office or an evening on the town? Maybe you are in the market for something that will work on the slopes as well as day to day.

If you are looking for something to wear on the slopes you need a parka designed for skiing. There are some hybrids that will work for a specific activity like skiing but are made to wear day to day as well. For business attire and an evening on the town, you may be in search of a dressy but durable long overcoat. Remember to check the instructions to see if your jacket will need to be dry cleaned.

Synthetic and Down

Choosing the right insulation for your needs is an important consideration when it comes to how to find the perfect winter jacket. The two main options to choose from are down and synthetic insulation.

Down: If you are frequently cold but looking for a lightweight jacket or coat, down may be the best option for you. Down filling offers the greatest warmth for the weight. The biggest drawback is that if it gets wet, it doesn’t insulate nearly as well and it is easy to wash it the wrong way. You may need to take your down coat to our experts at McMahan Cleaners in Denver. To avoid wet down issues, you could choose waterproof down or choose a coat or jacket that has an outer membrane that will repel water or is waterproof. Down tends to be more expensive, but is well worth the extra money.

Synthetic: Synthetic fibers are man-made and, with respect to jackets and coats, these fibers generally imitate down. Synthetic fibers are better at maintaining insulation after exposure to moisture which is great, but the drawback is that the volume of synthetic materials will be greater and the level of insulation is not as great for the volume of material involved. Usually, synthetic jackets and coats are less expensive and easier to clean.

Features to Consider

When it comes to how to find the perfect winter jacket, it’s a good idea to consider the features you want your jacket or coat to have. You may find a great jacket but if it fails to have the key features you require, you should continue your search. It is good to have this list made before you embark on the hunt for a new coat.

Outer Shell: Make sure the jacket or coat you choose has the kind of outer shell you require. If you spend a great deal of time in wet winter weather, you may require a waterproof exterior. Gore-tex is a great waterproof material. If you are looking for a great jacket or coat for snowy conditions only, a water-resistant shell may be all that you need.

Removable Inner Shell: Some jackets and coats offer a removable inner shell, which is helpful if you travel to areas with different winter conditions or if you want a coat or jacket that will work well for a larger variety of cool temperatures. Some removable inner shells are held in place by a zipper, while others are kept in place with simple buttons. Choose an option that fits your preference.

Hoods: Hoods provide great protection from the elements. Some jackets and coats don’t have them. Some hoods have drawstrings which allow you to cinch them up tight to provide better protection. Some have removable hoods, which can be a nice feature but are prone to wearing out the connector such as a zipper. If that happens, don’t worry, we repair zippers!

Pockets: Having the right number of pockets that are the right size can be an especially important consideration. External pockets, internal pockets, zippered pockets, deep pockets are all potential choices. Does your phone fit where you may want to carry it? What about your wallet? If you plan to use your jacket for outdoor sports, you probably have different pocket needs than someone looking for a dress coat for business.

The Right Fit

Trying the jacket on is a matter of course for ensuring the jacket is right for you. It will be important to envision how many layers you may need to accommodate. You could even try the jacket on with layers. Zip your jacket and raise your hands above your head and stretch. If the jacket leaves the core of your body exposed, you probably don’t have the correct size. You may need to keep looking or bring it to our alteration experts for a few adjustments.

Be sure to try out all the pockets, zippers, buttons, and options. A coat can seem great until you put it through its paces. Sometimes you will find stiff zippers, unacceptable pocket depths, uncomfortable cuffs, or other potential issues.

Now that you know how to find the perfect winter jacket, you are well on your way to getting the right jacket for you. Once you have it, if you need it cleaned or if you need any of your winter wear cleaned, come see us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver.

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