How to enjoy your favorite clothing styles and designs for a long time

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How to enjoy your favorite clothing styles and designs for a long time

Everyone has one or more items of clothing that they love to wear or own. Yet, eventually, these items deteriorate unless given appropriate care. Some items wear out no matter what you do. That said, you can extend the enjoyment. Follow these four tips:

– Buy extra: Certain pieces fall apart faster than others, such as cotton t-shirts, bras, underwear and socks. If you love a particular style or design, purchase an extra, store the item and then use it as a replacement when the original wears out.

– Store properly: Moisture, light and insects often destroy clothing. Always store your favorite items away from these things as dictated by clothing type and materials. Additionally, never hesitate to ask us for storage advice based on your unique situation!

– Mend quickly: A small hole or tear can turn into a bigger problem not long after it forms and eventually cause a piece of clothing to become almost non-repairable. Dry cleaners do more than clean clothes. We also offer repair services to make garments last.

– Invest today: People often keep specific items without wearing them for nostalgic reasons. We offer affordable preparation and storage options that preserve and protect these types of memento clothing items, including wedding dresses, baby clothes and vintage pieces.

For almost 70 years, our team at McMahan Cleaners has helped our Denver neighbors delight in their favorite styles and designs by providing tips and services that make clothing last as long as possible. For more information, contact us today.

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