Linen and drape dry cleaning

Dry cleaning drapes

Dry cleaning drapes may not have crossed your mind, but at McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we know a lot about cleaning drapes of various sizes and materials. Because they’re often a key element of any room’s décor, caring for them properly is essential.

Often, problems sneak up on us because we don’t spend much time really noticing our drapes while they silently do their job of covering windows and making rooms look nicer.

Here are some final tips for keeping your drapes looking good:

  • Clean your drapes at least once a year. This will help protect them from yellowing, as well as excessive staining and soiling.
  • Try to keep your drapes away from fireplaces, wood stoves, kitchens, and cigarettes. Exposure to smoke can create staining and discoloration.

If you’ve been ignoring your drapes, come see us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver. We specialize in dry cleaning drapes! We’ll keep them great shape and help them last longer.

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