Dry Cleaning for Drab Drapes

Dry Cleaning for Drab Drapes McMahan Cleaners DenverDry cleaning for drab drapes may not have crossed your mind, but at McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we know a lot about cleaning drapes of various sizes and materials. Because they’re often a key element of any room’s décor, caring for them properly is essential. We’re here to help. Just stop by any of our three Denver locations.

Drapes can develop a wide range of problems, particularly when not cared for regularly. They are often exposed to the elements more than your average fabric simply because they spend time hanging out, all the time. Too often, people think about dry cleaning for drab drapes after they’ve hung in place for years. That habit can become a bit of a problem.

Drape Issues

Often, problems sneak up on us because we don’t spend much time really noticing our drapes while they silently do their job of covering windows and making rooms look nicer. Sometimes, years can pass and people may not realize a thing until they take their drapes down while moving to a new home.

One of the most common problems with draperies is damage caused by too much time in the sun. Fading and issues with colorfastness can also be an issue. Yellowing is frequently a problem as is soil accumulation, often in the form of dust build up along the edges of the fabric. Some of these issues can be addressed with a proper dry cleaning (which is highly recommended at least once a year).

While you can attempt to throw your drapes in the washer, be prepared for issues such as watermarks, shrinking, or deterioration of the lining or coating. Some of these issues can also be related to manufacturing defects.

Making Your Drapes Last

Various drapes have different life expectancies. Knowing how long your drapes should last is helpful to choosing drapes and caring for them.

  • Lined: 5 years
  • Unlined: 4 years
  • Sheer: 3 years
  • Fiber Glass: 4 years

Fabric types, density, finishes, length of use, and window location can make a big difference in how long your drapes last. Dry cleaning for drab drapes will also help them last longer.

Additional Tips

Here are some final tips for keeping your drapes looking good:

  • Clean your drapes at least once a year. This will help protect them from yellowing, as well as excessive staining and soiling.
  • Be sure to protect your drapes from prolonged exposure to dampness. Dampness can cause them to mildew and can leave them water stained as well.
  • Rotate your drapes periodically, if possible. This will help vary the amount of light exposure.
  • Try to protect your drapes from abrasions (rubbing) or from the sharp claws of pets.
  • Try to keep your drapes away from fireplaces, wood stoves, kitchens, and cigarettes. Exposure to smoke can create staining and discoloration.

If you’ve been ignoring your drapes, come see us at McMahan Cleaners in Denver. We specialize in dry cleaning for drab drapes! We’ll keep them great shape and help them last longer.

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