Dry Cleaning Basics

Dry Cleaning BasicsHave you ever wondered what happens to your clothes when you bring them to McMahan Cleaners in Denver? Here are the dry cleaning basics to help you understand what happens behind the scenes when you let us take professional care of your suits, dresses and more.

In the Beginning

The dry cleaning process starts the moment you drop off your items at our counter. This is the perfect time to let us know if your clothing has any stains or areas that need additional attention, such as loose buttons or hems. If we are aware, we are happy to give your items extra attention and service as they go through our process. Letting us know up front gives us a better chance of returning your clothes to you in pristine condition.

Once we know what is needed, we tag and sort your clothes according to fabric, color, type, and method of cleaning required. We also make determinations on whether your garments require hand washing, wet cleaning, or standard dry cleaning. If your item is leather or fur, we make determinations on any additional care needed.

What is Dry Cleaning?

In essence, dry cleaning is cleaning clothes without water. This does not mean that they are cleaned without any liquid at all. In facts, special liquid solvents are used as the primary part of cleaning. Such solvents lift grease and oil based stains out of your clothes, leaving your fabrics in good condition. Special detergents are also used in the dry cleaning process.

Wet Cleaning

Some fabrics are better treated with our wet cleaning process, which resembles the laundering you do at home. It does use water as the primary cleaning agent, but specialized equipment and detergents are used during this process. It gives these clothes a refreshed look while helping to prevent shrinking and fading.

Extra Clean

After the initial dry or wet clean, any lingering stains are sent through a process of stain removal called spotting. This is the final attempt to remove some of the more stubborn stains. These items are then re-cleaned one more time.

It’s Impressive

Towards the end of our work, your clothes arrive to be pressed so they are ready to wear. Pressing requires attention to detail. This kind of attention is what makes you look great in the clothes you bring to McMahan Cleaners in Denver. Professionally cleaned and pressed clothes help you look outstanding whether it’s for a day at the office or a night on the town.

Final Touch

Following pressing, all of your clothes are brought back together. At this point, we perform a final inspection to ensure your clothes look perfect. We check for missed stains, buttons, and more. Any item that fails this final check is returned for prompt attention before your order is completed and tagged.

We hope you enjoyed the run through of the dry cleaning basics. Now that you have checked out the overview, come down to any McMahan Cleaners location in Denver with your clothes. We will give them the attention and care they deserve to help you look your best.

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