Alterations and repairs

Dry cleaner alterations

If you wonder should I get alterations or buy something new, just know that McMahan Cleaners in Denver can expertly take care of most garment problems you have with skilled alterations and repairs. We know that the clothing you buy doesn’t always accommodate your exact shape or size, but that’s no problem. Our tailors have the experience and a keen eye for detail to help you get the exact fit you want.

At McMahan Cleaners, we’ll take your measurements and provide any alterations needed, including:

  • Raise or lower a hem
  • Shorten/taper sleeves
  • Adjust waist
  • Adjust shoulders
  • Add darting
  • Taper/slim pants
  • Take seams in or out
  • Take up/shorten jackets

Many alterations you might need are quick and uncomplicated, like replacing a zipper, hemming a skirt or replacing a button on a dress shirt. These are fairly simple repairs.

There are some alterations that need a little more time and skill, like taking in or opening up a pair of pants or tapering pant legs, altering a shirt to feature a new collar, adjusting the length of lined jacket sleeves with non-working buttons and taking in or opening up a jacket. But we have tailors that can expertly take care of these types of alterations for you.

Some alterations are a little more complicated and may require extensive changes to the garment, like replacing the lining, adjusting the overall length of a jacket and making changes to the sleeve length if it’s lined and have buttons that work.

However, most of the time our tailors can make your old garment look new and fashionable, or repair it so it’s wearable again. So, if you ask, should I get alterations or buy something new, our answer is to usually try alterations, but come to McMahan Cleaners in Denver today for an expert opinion. If it makes sense for you and your wallet, we’ll make all the fixes you need

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