Dry Clean Household Items for the Holidays

Dry Clean Household Items for the Holidays

Dry Clean Household Items for the Holidays
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At McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we want you to know more about why you should dry clean household items for the holidays. Holidays are a big time for entertaining guests and having family and friends stay at your house. There are a number of household items that you will want clean but are a pain to wash: rugs, curtains, drapes, tapestries, and bedspreads just to name a few.

Dry cleaning these items can save you a great deal of time and trouble. Additionally, it will ensure that they are not ruined in the process of cleaning them at home which can happen with certain fabrics and items. You can always bring them to McMahan and let us dry clean household items for the holidays.


A good number of bedspreads and comforters are really too big to throw in the laundry. If you try, your washer may stop mid-cycle. Sometimes, the overload will cause your wash machine to throw out an error code. It can be annoying to try to wash such overly large items at home. Bring them to your local dry cleaner, such as our own McMahan Cleaners and we can get your bedding clean without any hassle or fuss.

It is important to alert your dry cleaning professional to any rips, tears, or weak areas in the fabric. Doing so will allow your dry cleaner can give it special attention so that any rips or tears are attended to properly. You can even have it mended for an additional fee.


A good number of rugs must be dry cleaned. Handmade, antique, and Oriental rugs are best handled by a dry cleaning professional. Some smaller throw rugs will hold up fine being washed at home. Consult the label if you are not sure which process to use. Dry cleaning does the best job of maintaining the color and keeping your rugs looking new.


Draperies are generally heavier than your average curtains. Additionally, they are often lined. Over time, draperies collect a great deal of dirt, pollen, fumes, bacteria, and smoke. For a truly clean house, be sure to professionally clean your drapes annually. Dry cleaning not only removes all the dirt and oils but it does a very good job of helping your drapes last longer. Additionally, it helps them look like new.

If your drapes have any stains or smoke damage, having them cleaned professionally is the best chance you have of getting them back to looking like new.

Care Instructions

It is important to pay attention to the care instructions for all your household fabrics. It is also too easy to throw specialty fabrics, such as silk, in the washing machine and ruin them. It can be a huge disappointment to ruin your heirloom table runner or expensive bedding.

When you dry clean household items for the holidays, you’ll ensure a more stress-free season of hosting family, friends and loved ones. So, bring your items here to McMahan Cleaners in Denver. We will take good care of your fabrics and get them ready for a happy holiday season.

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