Are Clothing Alterations and Repairs Worth It?

Alterations and repairs

Are Clothing Alterations and Repairs Worth It?

Clothing Alterations and RepairsWhether your zipper has fallen apart or you’ve lost a few pounds, it can be hard to tell if clothing alterations and repairs are worth it.

While McMahan Cleaners in Denver can expertly take care of most garment issues, it’s up to you if the cost for alterations balances your love for the piece. We can certainly appreciate hanging on to a lucky shirt or that vintage dress your mom passed along to you!

Let’s first look at the types of clothing alterations and repair that you can entrust to our experts then break down when

About Clothing Alterations

At McMahan Cleaners, we’ll take your measurements and provide any alterations needed, including:

  • Raise or lower a hem
  • Shorten/taper sleeves
  • Adjust waist
  • Adjust shoulders
  • Add darting
  • Taper/slim pants
  • Take seams in or out
  • Take up/shorten jackets

Many alterations you might need are quick and uncomplicated, like hemming a skirt or taking in the waist on pants. These are fairly simple repairs.

There are some alterations that need a little more time and skill, like taking in or opening up a pair of pants or tapering pant legs, altering a shirt to feature a new collar, adjusting the length of lined jacket sleeves with non-working buttons and taking in or opening up a jacket. But we have tailors that can expertly take care of these types of alterations for you.

Some alterations are a little more complicated and may require extensive changes to the garment, like replacing the lining, adjusting the overall length of a jacket and making changes to the sleeve length if it’s lined and have buttons that work.

In addition, reweaving, which mends smaller holes with fabric from elsewhere on the garment, can be a more involved alteration.

If your garment needs major changes, like to a garment’s shoulders or to the way the back is connected to the front, anything that will take extra time and skill, you may want to consider if it is worth doing.

At this point, we recommend taking into consideration the cost and how much you want to keep wearing the garment.

What is Clothing Repair?

Our tailors also offer a variety of clothing repair services to help fix damage from everyday wear and tear, including:

  • Replace zippers
  • Replace/reset buttons
  • Re-attach blown seams
  • Repair rips or tears
  • Patch holes if needed
  • Repair belt loops
  • Replace worn elastic

When to Go With Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Most of the time, alterations and repairs can save you time and money and are a good investment instead of having to go shopping to buy a replacement, if you can even find one.

But there are times when an item just can’t be repaired like when the clothing has been burned or exposed to acid, has a large tear in the fabric that’s not on the seam, or the fabric is worn too thin.

There may also be times when an alteration is not possible if, for example, there is not enough material to let a seam or hem out.

However, most of the time our tailors can make your old garment look new and fashionable, or repair it so it’s wearable again. So, if you ask, should I get clothing alterations and repairs, our answer is to visit McMahan Cleaners in Denver today for an expert opinion.

If it makes sense for you and your wallet, we’ll make all the fixes you need.

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