How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Dress

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Preserving your wedding dress

How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Dress

Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to cleaning and preserving a wedding dress. Wedding dresses are much more delicate (and valuable) than other garments so it’s extra important to treat them properly. Here’s a guide to proper wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

Select a Professional Wedding Dress Cleaner

Whether you’ve recently said your “I do’s” and want to keep your dress forever or you bought a second-hand dress that needs some cleaning before the big day, relying on an experienced professional wedding dress cleaner is key.

It’s easy to damage the dress if you try to treat stains yourself or go to a standard dry cleaner. The basic dry-cleaning approach will likely not work for your wedding dress so it’s better to start with a professional’s assessment of the best course of action.

A specialist will consider the fabric material, the length, the stitching, and other relevant factors before coming up with a personalized care plan for the wedding dress.


As with any garment cleaning, the faster you address stains, the better. Understandably, brides often have a lot on their minds in the days surrounding their weddings, but it’s worthwhile to take the time to bring your dress to your chosen wedding dress cleaner as soon as possible. Ideally, it should get to the cleaner the day after your wedding. The longer you wait, the more likely stains will set and be impossible to remove later.


After the cleaning process is over and you retrieve the dress from the wedding dress cleaner, you’ll need to properly store the dress. Keep the dress in a cool, dry place away from any substances that could damage it. Use acid-free tissue paper to pack the dress and help it retain its natural shape or hang it on a padded hanger. If you store it properly, it should be safe for years to come.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you’re thinking about your wedding and trying to get everything in order, you might as well select a professional wedding dress cleaner in advance. Luckily, you don’t have to search very hard. For brides in the Denver area, McMahan Cleaners can provide top-notch wedding dress cleaning services. Your dress will be safe with us throughout the cleaning process. We’d love to help you preserve the memory of your special day!

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