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Clean and pressed shirts

5 things that must be dry cleaned

Some clothing items are up for debate, while others really must be dry cleaned for optimal hygiene and longevity. Here are 5 things that should always be taken to the dry cleaners: Embellished clothing and home items Beaded, sequined, or studded items are often hand-stitched and therefore more fragile when it comes to cleaning. Deep…
Tips for storing your winter clothes

How to store your winter clothes away

As summer approaches, it’s time to put away your winter clothes and pull out your summer wear. However, you want to store your clothes in such a way that they remain clean, fresh-smelling, and intact until you pull them out again. These steps can help you achieve this: Sort through your clothes to identify what…
Benefits of using a dry cleaner

Types of clothes you should always dry-clean

How do you care for your clothes so that they retain their color, fit, and glamour? Well, all you have to do is wash them appropriately. Clothes require specialized care based on their type of fabric. Here are some of the clothes that you should let dry cleaners handle. Woolen clothes Hot water and agitation…
Alterations and repairs

If funds are tight – repair!

In the current tough times, when money worries are increased, it’s worth remembering that many expensive items of clothing can be repaired rather than simply thrown away. Even if you would have to wait for the chance to have such repairs completed, it could still be a valuable dollar-saving in months to come. So, holes…
How to store your winter clothes

Any lingering memories of winter?

…maybe of warm days by the wood fire or the joys of Christmas time. Now, as days lengthen and warmth gradually returns to Colorado, you’re surely looking forward to the chance to be out in the fresh air a lot more. Which brings us to another point. How many of your favorite clothes have been…
Proper care of your wedding gown

2 reasons for dry-cleaning your gown

Spending time with your dream bridal dress is the most desired thing that every woman deserves. Though you may not wear your wedding dress again, you can still preserve your gown for future weddings. Here are two reasons for dry-cleaning your gown. Remove stains Act soon after the wedding to ensure that your gown has…
Tips for better dry cleaning results

How to enjoy your favorite clothing styles and designs for a long time

Everyone has one or more items of clothing that they love to wear or own. Yet, eventually, these items deteriorate unless given appropriate care. Some items wear out no matter what you do. That said, you can extend the enjoyment. Follow these four tips: – Buy extra: Certain pieces fall apart faster than others, such…
Alterations and repairs

Amend – don’t erase!

This can sound like a keyboard operator instruction but can also apply to your clothes. So many people nowadays just throw something away, even when it has much life left in it, rather than think about having it altered or repaired. Among the many reasons that such a discard can happen are that it becomes…
Get a custom fit by making clothing alterations

Is a treasured piece of clothing a little the worse for wear?

It seems like a no-win situation: you love wearing certain items of clothing on a regular basis, but because you do, they tend to suffer some damage. Yet, despite this, you still want to have them in your wardrobe. Therefore, it’s worth considering a professional and experienced repair service. Zippers or buttons can be replaced;…
Preserving your wedding dress

What does it mean to preserve a wedding dress?

For a woman, the most precious garment she’ll ever own is her wedding dress. It represents love, commitment, and a day of celebration. To preserve this important item for the future, here are some important facts: Preservation and standard dry cleaning are not the same thing. Be sure to take your precious dress to a…