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Linen and drape dry cleaning

Dry cleaning drapes

Dry cleaning drapes may not have crossed your mind, but at McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we know a lot about cleaning drapes of various sizes and materials. Because they’re often a key element of any room’s décor, caring for them properly is essential. Often, problems sneak up on us because we don’t spend much time…
bedding, Comforters, and home linens cleaning

Spring cleaning for your comforters

At McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we wanted to share the best way to clean a comforter. While sheets and pillowcases should be cleaned on a regular basis, a comforter only needs to be cleaned a few times a year. There are several different techniques for cleaning comforters, and we’d like to share a few of…
Proper cleaning of your knits

Sweater care

The air is getting colder, and that means sweater weather! Here are a few tips for keeping your sweaters looking great and making them last! Store sweaters folded. Don’t hang them or shove them in a drawer. Use a lint brush to remove lint, hair, and excess fuzz. Follow the care instructions on the tag.…
Benefits of using a dry cleaner

How dry cleaning works

Have you ever wondered what happens to your clothes when you bring them to McMahan Cleaners in Denver? Here are the dry cleaning basics to help you understand what happens behind the scenes when you let us take professional care of your suits, dresses and more. In the Beginning The dry cleaning process starts the…
Preserving your wedding dress

How to preserve your wedding dress?

For a woman, the most precious garment she’ll ever own is her wedding dress. It represents love, commitment, and a day of celebration. To preserve this important item for the future, here are some important facts: Preservation and standard dry cleaning are not the same thing. Be sure to take your precious dress to a…
Get a custom fit by making clothing alterations

Why you should have your clothes tailored

Unless you purchase custom-made clothing, chances are you’re buying your clothes off-the-rack at your favorite store. While store-bought clothing can be more affordable than bespoke options, they tend to not fit perfectly for many of us. But you don’t have to just live with pants that are baggy in the wrong places, or shirts that…
Tips for better dry cleaning results

Important tips for preparing stained clothes for dry cleaning

Dry cleaners need their customers to prepare clothing items a little before drop off to make the entire cleaning process smoother and faster: Schedule a drop off time as soon as possible after a substance stains a garment to prevent the stain from hardening into the fabric’s fibers. Remove loose items like coins, tissues, lipstick,…
Clean and pressed shirts

Does dry cleaning kill germs?

Entrusting your clothes to a dry cleaner near you is a surefire way to make sure that your clothes are not only sparkling clean but thoroughly disinfected. The high heat that dry cleaners use has been found to be effective at eliminating germs, including viruses and bacteria, from garments. With temperatures around 160 degrees Fahrenheit,…
Laundry out of control use McMahn Cleaners

Will doing the laundry spoil your Christmas?

There is so much to do to prepare for the festive season. You can be so frazzled by the time it arrives that you are not able to enjoy it as much as you should! Take your laundry (and you probably wish somebody would!) – did you know that, if you have a family of…
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Caring for vintage items

Vintage clothing is enjoying a surge of popularity as a sustainable fashion choice. But how do you make that heirloom dress or one-of-a-kind thrift-shop find last for the long run? After all, vintage clothes often require special care and cannot simply be thrown in the laundry. The first step is knowing what each item needs.…