The Best Way to Clean a Comforter

The Best Way to Clean a Comforter

inside McMahan Cleaners DenverHere at McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we wanted to share the best way to clean a comforter. While sheets and pillowcases should be cleaned on a regular basis, a comforter only needs to be cleaned a few times a year. Comforters require less cleaning because they usually do not come into such direct contact with your hair and skin like sheets and pillowcases. It is easy to remember that when seasons change, it is also a good time to clean a comforter.

There are several different techniques for cleaning comforters and we’d like to share a few of them. For the best results,  always read the tag first to be sure that your chosen cleaning option will be appropriate.

Spot Cleaning

If you have a small spot or area that looks a little grubby, it is often more effective to spot clean, rather than launder the entire comforter. Just use the following steps:

  • Manipulate the comforter filling so that you are only focusing your efforts on the top layer of fabric where the stain resides.
  • Apply a gentle cleaning agent such as Woolite, Dawn dish soap, baking soda and water, or another cleanser of your choosing. Only a small amount should be necessary. Avoid using bleach or a bleach-based products to prevent damage.
  • Use a clean, white cloth to blot the stain.
  • To loosen the stain, rub the fabric together and rinse with a small amount of clean water. Squeeze out the excess and blot the area again with a clean, white cloth.
  • Allow the area to air dry or you can use a hair dryer on low.

Go to a Dry Cleaner

If the tag on your comforter specifies dry cleaning, then choosing this method is the best way to clean a comforter. Some people may contemplate washing their comforter in the washing machine in spite of dry-cleaning instructions and though this may occasionally work, there are a number of owners who have been dismayed to discover that dry cleaning was recommended for a very good reason.

Save yourself from needing to buy a new comforter and bring it to us instead. At McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we’ll make sure it’s well-cared for and properly cleaned.

Wash at Home

If your comforter’s tag indicates that machine washing is acceptable and you have a large capacity washer and dryer, washing your comforter at home may work well. If not, your other DIY option is to spend a Saturday at a local laundromat that offers these types of machines. Drying a comforter may be easier if you add a few dryer balls or clean tennis balls. This helps prevent the filling from clumping. So, don’t plan on walking away while your home or laundromat dryer is going. You’ll need to fluff and redistribute your comforter during the dry cycle to ensure it’s fully dried. This will likely require multiple cycles.

The best way to clean your comforter may depend on your comforter, but the easiest way to clean it may be to bring it to us. At McMahan Cleaners in Denver, we can save you the hassle of cleaning your comforter.

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