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McMahan Cleaners, Denver, Colorado

Maintaining a wardrobe that keeps you looking and feeling your best in all types of weather can really add up. With expert alterations and repairs from McMahan Cleaners in Denver, all of your clothes can last longer and enable you to get more return on your investment. No need to toss an expensive coat just because of a small tear or wear baggy pants to the office after losing a few pounds.

Unless your spouse throws away that one shirt you’ve been holding onto since 1988, our skilled tailors at McMahan Cleaners will make the alterations and repairs you need to continue enjoying your favorite garments. Simply visit one of our three Denver locations to learn more about our services and pricing.

Types of Alterations and Repairs

People come in all shapes and sizes, however, the clothing you buy doesn’t always accommodate your exact shape or size. This is where our experience and keen eye for detail can save the day. At McMahan Cleaners, we will take your measurements and provide any alterations needed, including:

  • Alterations and repairsRaise or lower a hem
  • Shorten/taper sleeves
  • Adjust waist
  • Adjust shoulders
  • Add darting
  • Taper/slim pants
  • Take seams in or out
  • Take up/shorten jackets

We also offer a variety of clothing repair services to address damage or everyday wear and tear:

  • tape measure McMahan Cleaners DenverReplace zippers
  • Replace/reset buttons
  • Re-attach blown seams
  • Repair rips or tears
  • Patch holes if needed
  • Repair belt loops
  • Replace worn elastic

When you come in for alterations and repairs, your pricing will be based on the services needed, as well as clothing material and design. Adjusting a pleated silk skirt or shortening the sleeves of a leather jacket will require more time than a basic hem on a pair of khakis. However, we offer expert craftsmanship at affordable prices. Our goal is to make you a satisfied customer and become your tailor of choice.


For Expert Alterations and Repairs, Come to McMahan Cleaners Today!