5 things that must be dry cleaned

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Clean and pressed shirts

5 things that must be dry cleaned

Some clothing items are up for debate, while others really must be dry cleaned for optimal hygiene and longevity. Here are 5 things that should always be taken to the dry cleaners:

  1. Embellished clothing and home items

Beaded, sequined, or studded items are often hand-stitched and therefore more fragile when it comes to cleaning. Deep cleaning for such items should only be tackled by professional dry cleaners.

  1. Silk clothes that are dark

Lighter-colored silks may be okay with hand washing, but darker items are more prone to bleed or stain. The safest bet is the cleaners.

  1. Pleated pants, skirts, or dresses

Keeping the pleats and fold in pristine condition is part of maintaining the proper look, and this is done best by the dry cleaning pros.

  1. Heavily stained garments and bedding

Using their magical blends of solvents, specialized soaps, and degreasers, dry cleaners can get out just about any stain, even the ones you’ve tried everything on.

  1. Suits

They are usually okay for a few wears between maintenance; however, if more than spot-cleaning is needed or an overall freshen-up is beckoning, bring it to the dry cleaner.

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