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Tips for better dry cleaning results

Important tips for preparing stained clothes for dry cleaning

Dry cleaners need their customers to prepare clothing items a little before drop off to make the entire cleaning process smoother and faster: Schedule a drop off time as soon as possible after a substance stains a garment to prevent the stain from hardening into the fabric’s fibers. Remove loose items like coins, tissues, lipstick,…
Clean and pressed shirts

Does dry cleaning kill germs?

Entrusting your clothes to a dry cleaner near you is a surefire way to make sure that your clothes are not only sparkling clean but thoroughly disinfected. The high heat that dry cleaners use has been found to be effective at eliminating germs, including viruses and bacteria, from garments. With temperatures around 160 degrees Fahrenheit,…
Laundry out of control use McMahn Cleaners

Will doing the laundry spoil your Christmas?

There is so much to do to prepare for the festive season. You can be so frazzled by the time it arrives that you are not able to enjoy it as much as you should! Take your laundry (and you probably wish somebody would!) – did you know that, if you have a family of…
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Caring for vintage items

Vintage clothing is enjoying a surge of popularity as a sustainable fashion choice. But how do you make that heirloom dress or one-of-a-kind thrift-shop find last for the long run? After all, vintage clothes often require special care and cannot simply be thrown in the laundry. The first step is knowing what each item needs.…
Get a custom fit by making clothing alterations

How clothing alterations can help you land a job during the pandemic

Every day, the number of workers who have lost jobs during the pandemic increases with little end in sight. Some workers don’t own or have the money for a job interview outfit. Although many companies are hiring remotely, you still need to make a great impression during a virtual interview. Additionally, if you’ve applied for…
Proper cleaning of your knits

Changing seasons

However, much we might hope it won’t happen, summer does change into fall and then we head on into winter. Sadly, this means a complete regime change for our clothing! So, it’s time to put away those classy summer garments, and we hope you’re storing some great memories with them. One thing you won’t want…
Tips for better dry cleaning results

When is it time to dry clean a suit?

A suit is a major investment that will require dry cleaning from time to time. How can you know when it is time for dry cleaning? Here are a few signs: You’ve spilled something on your suit that has left behind a stain Your suit no longer looks, feels, or smells fresh You’ve been exposed…
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Why you should let someone else do your laundry

If you asked the average person what their most detested household chore is, chances are many of them would say “laundry“. Doing laundry takes up a huge chunk of time. A typical family does 8-10 loads per week and spends an average of 4 hours a week washing, folding, and putting away clothes. It may…
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How to know you found the best dry cleaners in Denver

Finding the best dry cleaners can save you money and protect your clothing investments. High-quality clothes can be pretty expensive, but many people underestimate how cleaning affects their longevity. Industry experts say that when you find a reliable cleaner, your clothes will last longer. And as a result, you will save hundreds, if not thousands…
Benefits of using a dry cleaner

How you’re ruining your dry clean only garments

When shopping for clothes, many people forget to check the wash instruction label. Therefore, they end up with “dry clean only” pieces with no idea of how to take care of them. If you have dry clean only clothes, here are ways you’re running them without your knowledge. Using a washing machine to clean your…