2 reasons for dry-cleaning your gown

Proper care of your wedding gown

2 reasons for dry-cleaning your gown

Spending time with your dream bridal dress is the most desired thing that every woman deserves. Though you may not wear your wedding dress again, you can still preserve your gown for future weddings. Here are two reasons for dry-cleaning your gown.

Remove stains

Act soon after the wedding to ensure that your gown has no stains. Some stains cannot be removed by mere washing with your hands because they are invisible to your eyes. Bring your wedding dress to your nearest dry cleaners and avoid late stain removal.

Fiber preservation

Leaving your wedding dress in the wardrobe causes fiber stretching. At McMahan Cleaners, your dress is packed in a preservation box post-clean. The packaging helps to prevent tension on your wedding dress fibers. Apart from cleaning, the dry cleaner will ensure that your wedding dress is then protected from light, which prevents discoloration of your gown.

Visit or contact McMahan Cleaners today to find quality dry cleaning services that will help in preserving your wedding dress.

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